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How to Use Bath Time to Teach Kids about God

Whether your kid’s bath time is a comforting part of your bedtime ritual or a dreaded chore carried out against a backdrop of screaming and freaking out, every young child ends up in the bath at some point. The wet wipes can only go so far.

So why not take advantage of this time to chat with your kids about God and how powerful He is? Here’s how.

1) Tell or Re-tell the Story of Moses Parting the Red Sea

If they haven’t heard it yet, you could read it to them while they’re in the tub. If they already know it, ask them to tell you the story themselves. Or you could summarize it by saying something like this:

In the book of Exodus in the Bible, we learn how God used a man named Moses to lead His people out of slavery in Egypt. God set them free and they set out on a journey toward a place called the Promised Land. This was a special place God had given them to be their new home.

But after they left, the Egyptian ruler decided he wouldn’t let them go after all! He sent his army of soldiers to chase after them.

Soon Moses and God’s people were trapped between a large sea of water in front of them and a bunch of angry soldiers coming at them from behind. They were really scared and they asked God to help them.

Do you know what happened next?

Moses followed God’s instructions to hold his shepherd staff over the water. When he did, a strong wind came and parted the sea making it move into two huge walls of water with a path of dry land in between.

God’s people walked across safely, and when the Egyptians tried to follow them, the water crashed back down on them and swallowed them up. God made a way to save them when there seemed to be no way out of trouble!

2) Ask Your Kids to Pretend Their Bath Water is the Red Sea. Can They Part the Waters?

Can they part the bath water and make a dry path? Have them try with their hands and then ask them to blow on it like the wind.

They soon figure out they can’t do it. Show them that you can’t do it either.

3) Follow up with Teaching Points

  • Explain that we’re not like God. Moses was a human like us. The only reason he could part the sea was because he obeyed God’s instructions. God was working through him giving him the power to do it.
  • Moses did a good job obeying, but God is the real hero.
  • God can use us to do important jobs for Him, too!
  • God is powerful. More powerful than you. More powerful than mom and dad. More powerful than anything! And like Moses and the Israelites, we can call on him to help us whenever we are in trouble.

4) Lather, Rinse, Repeat

If you’ve ever been tortured by watching the same cartoon/movie or reading the same book over and over (and over) again, then you know how kids like repetition. Here are a couple of ideas of how we can use this to our advantage:

  • Have your kids try it again in few days or weeks to see if anything’s changed. Can they part the waters yet? Remind them that they could if God gave them the power to do it. Like Moses, we can do anything with God’s help.
  • If you have more than one child and they bathe together, have one pretend they are Moses and God’s people and have the other pretend to be the army chasing after them. Have them reenact the story themselves as they learn it better. This can get messy, but they love it!

What do you do during bath time at your house? Can you think of other ways we can use bath time to teach our kids about God? I’d love to hear from you!