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Father’s Day: My Kids Have Two Dads (and so do yours)

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.

My kids are very excited. Mostly because they’ve come to assume any celebration will involve some type of cake or treats. But we can use this time to teach our kids an important truth: Our children have two daddies (and so do we).

This morning, our breakfast chat went something like this….

Me: Did you know you have TWO daddies?

Kids: Puzzled looks and big, interested eyes

Me: That’s right. You do.

  • You have your dad here on earth, but you also have a Father up in Heaven. Father God. And he loves you.
  • Father God is our good daddy in Heaven who loves us and takes care of us. He loves you even more than your daddy here on earth does.
  • So tomorrow we’ll celebrate your dad here on earth, but we can also celebrate that we have a good Father in Heaven.

If your kids have a loving earthly father that’s present in their lives, you can focus on the fact that “Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above (James 1:17).” This includes the dad they have on earth. He’s a gift from God and we can thank God for him.

If your kids have a father that is no longer loving or present (either by choice or circumstance), use this as a chance to show them they are not alone and fatherless. They have a Father God in heaven who loves them.

It can be tempting to define Father God by the shortcomings of our earthly fathers, but the truth is our earthly fathers are just flawed versions of our perfect, heavenly Father.

I pray for blessings on your families as you celebrate Father’s day tomorrow. Regardless of circumstance, we can rejoice because every one of us has a perfect Heavenly Father to celebrate tomorrow.

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